Restaurants in Azores: Complete Guide for Each Island


Certainly you have heard that travel is the only thing that makes buying richer.

But this proverb says nothing about food! If we do not eat or come here tomorrow to tell the story. For years what has enriched the Portuguese people were the spices for seasoning and preserves our food.

And this was not in vain, we have the best cuisines in the world, and in the Azores are the best cooks and cooks.

We went to meet the best gastronomy of the Azores, and the result is below.

Certainly our restaurants will enchant you with the flavors that predominate on our tables, and will leave our region much richer and willing to come back.

Name of the Islands:
 - Santa Maria
 - São Miguel
 - Pico
 - São Jorge
 - Graciosa
 - Faial
 - Terceira
 - Flores

Typical foods of the Azores

When we go to visit some place we have the desire to taste the gastronomy of that city, region. But what can you find in the Azores?

The stew of Furnas: is one of the most emblematic dishes of the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, being cooked in the natural boilers of Lagoa das Furnas.

Octopus stew: can be found in many restaurants in our region. But they are prepared differently. They usually differ in the spices used, the flavor of the sauce and the accompaniment. It can be served with boiled potatoes or rice.

Fish and seafood: Fresh fish, and seafood are of exceptional quality in the Azores. Our clear seas, provide products that at the table will provide us with very tasty moments. The grilled limpets, and the fish stew, as well as the fish broth, is something you should look for in your visit to taste.

Meats: Our meats have a special touch, and this is due to the fact that our animals are fed. Certainly during your visit you will see many green meadows that seem to be part of a postcard, and in them, there are cows considered happy that have a very rich diet, in which later they produce excellent milk, and that milk will produce a very Tasty.

End the idea that you are fed up with meat, and you will not eat meat in the Azores. Unwind, you will eat the most juicy and tender meat ever, and you will wish for more. So try the alcatras, or just a good steak.

Wines: always opt for the wines of our region. The Azores stand out for the production of wine, although it does not have the climatic conditions required for the vineyard, presents great quality in its wine. Accompany regional dishes with a local wine.

Dessert: Desserts try to choose or look for something that includes our product, passion fruit, pineapple. Or a typical sweet of each island.

Santa Maria’s Island

Central Pub

The Central Pub restaurant is a real corner of America on the island of Santa Maria. This space is inspired in America from the dishes to the service, to the decoration. This restaurant-bar has a terrace very well designed and with excellent conditions to live and taste the dishes of this restaurant. It also offers local gastronomy and an extensive menu of desserts and cocktails that are part of the Central Pub’s offer.

must try
  • Pizza
  • American fried chicken
  • American hamburger

Mesa D’oito Restaurante

This space is framed in Hotel Charming Blue.

A secular and unique table that lives up to a decoration with very modern touches and a taste that combines the Moroccan with rustic, vintage and the new trends of the decor.

The menu presented is varied and your senses will be invited to embark on an adventure that combines good flavors, great choices and gourmet dishes of excellence.

To all this is reconciled the refinement, the good taste in the layout of the room and the tables. A space for all those who love to eat wonders full of quality.

Ilha de São Miguel

Restaurante Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

The restaurant is set in Terra Nostra botanical park and offers views of the vegetation. This space is expressed by quality.

The space and the service are wonderful. The atmosphere of the restaurant will be a breath of fresh air. And the meal exceeds all your expectations. The flavor and seasoning are divine. The desserts will be a surprise from another world.

It is a perfect place to taste the famous stew of the furnas where elegance, friendliness and professionalism makes lunch a memorable experience.

must try
  • Cozido das furnas
  • Qualquer sobremesa

Anfiteatro Restaurant & Lounge

Situated on the top floor of the amphitheater of Portas do Mar, it presents itself as a large and modern space. The Restaurant offers you a magnificent landscape over the bay of Ponta Delgada and a special trip for the Azorean contemporary gastronomy.

The Amphitheater Restaurant / Lounge is the Application Unit of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, where employees and trainees strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and present dishes very well made with products from the region.

In the space of the restaurant you can enjoy gastronomic experiences ranging from dishes with typical flavors of the region, to innovative confections.

In the Lounge you can sample lighter meals from burgers to salads, gourmet tapas, among other dishes.

This restaurant combines creativity and technique with gastronomic tradition and the extraordinary wealth of Azorean products to create tasting menus that will amaze you.

must try
  • Tapas gourmet
  • Menu de degustação

À Terra

This restaurant is housed in the Hotel Azor. Not only the view that impresses at this hotel but also the flavors. The À Terra restaurant has a panoramic view of the Ponta Delgada marina.

The dishes are made with products from our region. From steaks to wines, from cheeses to shellfish, to desserts, the chef’s principle is to preserve the flavors of regional food.

At the entrances, stands the barnacle board or the crosspiece of lapas served on volcanic stone. In the main dishes, the lily is covered in a stew of squid, coriander and pork crunchy, and in the meats, the tomahawk steak accompanied with organic vegetables and potatoes with old São Miguel cheese and parsley. We lifted only a little of the veil to get mouth water. Bet on this restaurant and this will not disappoint you.

must try
  • Tábua de cracas
  • Lírio num guisado de lula
  • Bife tomahawk

Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort Restaurant

Nestled between the valleys and the ocean, there is the Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort restaurant. With a privileged location, the restaurant offers dishes with unique, genuine flavors achieved through the freshness and quality of our products.

While tasting the beautifully prepared dishes, you can enjoy the sound of the waves and the breathtaking view. In addition to the dishes with a traditional touch, you can taste sushi made with the fish of our seas.

must try
  • Sushi

Restaurante da Associação Agrícola de São Miguel

The Agricultural Association of São Miguel has a restaurant in Ribeira Grande where you can taste the meat produced in the green fields of the Azores. Note that this place is not very suitable for vegetarians, however, you can still find in the menu some fish and seafood dishes. For meat lovers, it is the best place to eat genuine meat with a lot of quality.

The archipelago of the Azores is that perfect marriage between the blue of the Atlantic ocean and the green of the pastures, which frequent rains always keep luscious. It is in this magnificent setting, with unequaled conditions in Europe in terms of climate and soil, that the cattle of the Azores feed all year, giving rise to a meat of excellence whose unique characteristics were recognized with the attribution of the name Geographical Indication Protected. And this meat is very juicy and tasty, the quality is present in these dishes.

must try
  • Qualquer Carne

A Tasca

This restaurant is located in Ponta Delgada. There are appetizers, fish and Azorean dishes with a different twist, but the flavors are all there. The ambience is very pleasant, careful and beautiful.

The decor is in tune with the flavors of the table. It is without doubt a fantastic place to enjoy tapas and snacks, and the cheeses with an Azorean wine.

must try
  • Tapas
  • Queijos
  • Vinho açoriano

Cais 20

It is located in São Roque, on the island of São Miguel. It is one of the best seafood restaurants on the island and is ideal for savoring seafood.

Here you can taste dishes and snacks always fresh and full of flavor. Among the varied dishes there are the cavacas and lobsters of the island, the tuna kebab and grilled cherne.

A fantastic place to go to discover the flavors of our sea.

must try
  • Cavaca Espetada de Atum
  • Cherne grelhado

Ilha do Pico

Casa Âncora

Located in the heart of Pico’s Pier, Casa Âncora “presents itself as a welcoming space with a magnificent view over the bay of Cais do Pico. The menu of this restaurant highlights the local products.

The ready-made dishes have a careful and artistic presentation, and are produced with the highest quality products. Visiting the “Anchor House” is embarking on a unique experience of flavors.

Restaurante Marisqueira Ancoradouro

This restaurant located in Madalena is considered as the main gastronomic reference of the island. Here we serve genuine dishes from the Azores, where the unique taste of the products is preserved. It stands out for its cuisine of excellence and the fish is the business card of this restaurant.

This restaurant is in a beautiful location, with a terrace facing the sea, and is the ideal place to eat before going for a walk through the vineyards of Pico, a world heritage site. The menu is spectacular, and certainly your difficulty will be in choosing the dish to savor.

must try
  • Peixe

Caffe 5

This this space is situated in Magdalena, and is very welcoming. It is a place full of details, of life and with a very varied menu. It presents the products of our land, and has natural juices, excellent for our health and very tasty. It is an excellent place to snack or have a meal.

must try
  • Sumos naturais

Restaurante Canto do Paço

This restaurant is located in Sao Roque, in a rural location. It is presented in a well-kept centennial house.

Its decor is a mix of traditional and modern. Here tradition is served at the table surrounded by a rural setting, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

It has specialties, regional cheese boards, octopus salads, fish and meat dishes although fish, and seafood are the specialty of this place. To enjoy this space it is advisable to make an appointment in advance.

must try
  • Tábuas de queijos regionais
  • Salada de polvo
  • Peixe

Ilha de São Jorge

Restaurante Maré Viva

This restaurant is located in Fajã das Almas in São Jorge.

Going to this place is a mini adventure. The road is steep and narrow where most of the time no two cars pass. Even the parking lot is tilted, but this whole effort afterwards is compensated.

The food is well made, and has as its specialty the fish, and the seafood. It has as appetizers, the fresh cheese, the cheese of São Jorge accompanied with honey, and the rest will have to discover by itself.

The view is something out of this world, the restaurant is on the seafront, and near the place has a natural pool.

must try
  • Queijo Fresco
  • Queijo de São Jorge com Mel

Fornos de Lava / Os moinhos

The food is a breath of fresh air to the usual restaurants of St. George. The space is built on an ancient threshing floor, in stone, wood and glass. Situated in the countryside with wonderful views over the Pico Islands and Faial. The kitchen is old with ovens and wood burning stove.

The restaurant has the privilege of enjoying the good products that the island provides. The meat has a quality of excellence and has a unique flavor and texture. The fish is fresh, caught in Azorean waters.

The clams are caught in the Fajã of the “Caldeira de Santo Cristo” on the island of S. Jorge, the only place in the entire archipelago where they reproduce and are incomparably tasty. The limpets are also picked up on the island.

This restaurant is suitable for vegetarians as it includes excellent vegetarian dishes.

To enjoy this space you need to make the reservation in advance.

It is a great place to visit, to taste unique dishes in a magical setting.

must try
  • Ameijoas
  • Lapas
  • Pratos Vegetarianos

Ilha da Graciosa

Dolphin Snack Bar

This space is located on Graciosa Island, next to the spa of Carapacho. Very well made food and a wonderful view of the sea. The specialty of this space are the Ameijoas de S. Jorge, the fish, the squid and the kid in the oven. It is a good place to hold a quality meal.

must try
  • Ameijoas de S. Jorge
  • Cabrito no forno
  • Lula

Restaurante Quinta das Grotas

In Santa Cruz da Graciosa, we find a space surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes of Graciosa Island, the restaurant Quinta das Grotas takes to itself the tradition, the old experiences and the recipes of other generations.

It is considered a gastronomic pearl with a rustic decoration, where the stone and the solid wood stand out, it gives a welcoming and quite inviting aspect, conserving the traces of its old origin.

It will be your place on a Graciosa Island where the stillness, purity and the art of eating and receiving make a difference. Relive the past … where tradition is what it was!

Ilha do Faial

Restaurante Genuíno

With a fantastic view over the bay of Porto Pim, you can taste the most beautiful flavors of the sea. The Genuine Restaurant stands out for the quality of its products.

This restaurant presents as decoration objects representative of the return to the world realized by the Genuine Madruga.

Here you will be able to taste truly the best fish and seafood found in the Azores and listen to Genuíno Madruga’s own stories and adventures of his two rounds around the world.

It presents a very varied menu, your choice will be very difficult! But you certainly will not regret it.

must try
  • Qualquer Peixe
  • Marisco

Peter Café Sport

This establishment is located in the city of Horta and is known internationally. Situated a few meters from the marina, the cafe is filled with yachtsmen, tourists, sea lovers and residents where they enjoy a good Gin tonic and relax in a warm and full of history.

While comforting yourself to savor the best gin in the world, you can crack a very tasty garlic bread following from a steak to Peter.

Next to the sea and overlooking the mountain of Pico Island, you can finish your adventure in this place, eating a good slice of chocolate cake that melts in the mouth.

must try
  • Gin tonic
  • Garlic Bread
  • Peter's Stake
  • Chocolate Cake

Ilha Terceira

Ti Choa

In Angra do Heroísmo, Ti Choa is a typical restaurant that honors Terceira’s gastronomy for the quality of its regional cuisine.

It is housed in a beautiful ethnographic house, and offers us a regional dish where you can taste a little of everything, from sausage to black pudding, from crackers to yam and corn bread, all flavors of the earth. It is undoubtedly a mandatory place to be on your list.

must try
  • Enchidos Pão de Milho

Restaurante Caneta

The restaurant is representative of the good typical third-class food, with emphasis on the greens and the rump. With traditional agricultural decoration, excellent service where the customer has all the attention. In this restaurant the quality of the meat prevails.

The space is decorated with regional motifs, from the music you hear to the wood oven that exists in the main room.

For starters, order the regional black pudding and sausage. For main course, choose Alcatra or Steak with Pineapple.

Finish the meal with the peculiar, but no less delicious, sweet of vinegar.

An excellent restaurant for visitors who want to taste the meat of happy cows.

must try
  • Morcela e linguiça regional
  • Alcatra ou Bife com abacaxi
  • Doce de vinagre

Tasca das Tias

This restaurant, located in Angra do Heroísmo, will offer you the best flavors of the sea and the land. At your table the typical dishes do not predominate, but this is not why it loses its quality and interest.

Here you can taste a very well seasoned and grilled limpets, and a dream rump. The flesh is tender and the scent of the rump makes mouth water.

It is a site with an interesting decoration, where it will be very well received.

must try
  • Lapas Alcatra

Q.B – Food court

This restaurant is located in Angra do Heroísmo and has enough of elegance and excellence in services. This space is impressive because it has a classic touch on its interior that contrasts with the exterior that is modern. The architecture of the restaurant as well as the decor convey comfort.

This space has two slopes, you can find a snack bar on the ground floor of the building, where you can eat hamburgers and pizzas. And on the top floor you can enjoy exceptional flavors in a more refined and elegant environment.

The options range from sauteed octopus with garlic and chestnuts, sauteed potatoes, to sirloin steak with shrimp, courgette sauteed with mushrooms and soy, among other dishes. The food is mainly modern with regional products, being a breath of fresh air for your wishes.

must try
  • Polvo salteado com alho francês e castanhas
  • Bife do lombo com camarão

Quinta dos Açores

Quinta dos Açores presents all that is best in Terceira. Meat and milk are transported to tables in a variety of ways.

The Prego da Quinta, with veal steak meat, the Açoreaninha a kind of Azorean version of Francesinha are good options for a meal overlooking the Mount Brazil. For dessert, the choice should be an ice cream ball made from the milk of happy cows with different aromas.

Here simple meals predominate, it is like a modern fast food but that reflects the quality and freshness of the products of the Azores.

must try
  • Prego da Quinta Açoreaninha
  • Bola de gelado, diversos aromas

Ilha das Flores

Restaurante Amanhecer

It is located on Flores Island, and here you can eat the best francesinha. Here you can also find typical dishes of the region, among others, with an above average quality.

In your menu you will find meat, vegetarian, and fish dishes. It is a cozy space with a spectacular service.

must try
  • Francesinha

Restaurante Casa do Rei

The Casa do Rei restaurant is situated in the South of Flores Island. On this site they only use products from the land and the region.

It stands out for its creativity, quality and friendliness. Here you will sample dishes that are not typical of the area, but which are very delicious.

The products used are produced by the restaurant itself which has a farm. It’s a great place to sample exotic food.

Restaurante Pôr-do-sol

This restaurant is located on the island of Flores, and you can enjoy spectacular dishes while enjoying a magnificent sunset.

The restaurant sits high up overlooking the sea and the horizon. It has a rustic style and very cozy.

At the table of this restaurant comes products with a quality of excellence. The dishes are made with products of the land cultivated by the owners and, of course, meat and fish.

must try
  • Inhames com linguiça
  • Bolo de tijolo
  • Sopa de funcho

These are some of the options, there are many more! According to our list you will find restaurants, exquisite, modern, rustic, simple. There are those who present on their table especially the meats, others the fish, the seafood. There are a variety of environments, but in a general framework everyone has a quality of excellence.