Why You Should Spend Your Honeymoon in The Azores


Choosing the trip to celebrate your recently married love is as important as planning the wedding day. Your Honeymoon should be a unique and unforgettable moment, and the Azores are an ideal place for romantic couples that want to celebrate their love in peace and surrounded by nature.

Our islands are the synonym of paradise. This region brings together the best that Mother Nature can offer, from sumptuous forests and volcanic wonders, to the infinite sea and a distinct culture.

An unlikely destination for a memorable honeymoon is undoubtedly the Azores. This region should be the destination of choice for couples seeking a mix of contact with nature on their honeymoon.

Do the lovebirds want to fly to the Azores? Then you should take into account the following article:

Romantic Nature in the Azores

Our archipelago is composed of 9 islands but each piece of land has its individuality. Although the Azores’s main characteristic is nature, you can experience it in all kinds of forms, since volcanos, dead volcanos, islands inside islands and even a desert in a very small island.

There is a harmony between nature and culture, offering you an exclusive setting. Each island is distinguished by its culture and landscape. If you don’t have the possibility to travel to all the islands, then you must choose the island or group of islands that most seduce you.

Next we will present some of the places that can not be missed and that should help you on your honeymoon travel choice.

Eastern Group

São Miguel Island: is the largest island of the archipelago and presents a greater diversity of landscape. São Miguel stands out for its dense forests, volcanic lagoons, and thermal waters that together result in something magical.

  • Emblematic lagoons: Lagoa das Sete Cidades (Seven Citie’s Lagoon) and Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lagoon):

  • Hot springs: Caldeira Velha, Terra Nostra Park, Beja Pool

This island has several belvederes to enjoy the landscape, incredible black sand beaches, and rare gardens rich in flora and fauna.

In addition, this island presents monuments that reflect the history of our people and the culture. As for gastronomy this island presents:

  • Furnas stew: this dish is cooked by geothermal heat under the ground. The meat is slow cooked and remains there for many hours, until the food’s cooking point is perfect to eat.

São Miguel is an authentic gateway to the essence of the archipelago. This island rich in vegetation makes it possible to have a very close relationship with the ocean and the land. Now let’s see the activities that will be part of your azorean honeymoon:

On land:

  • Walking on the trails
  • Horseback riding, cycling
  • Paragliding flights
  • Underground visits

At the Ocean:

  • Canoeing
  • Snorkeling and Diving
  • Whale Watching
  • Surfing and bodyboarding

São Miguel has fantastic sites and activities scattered throughout the island, which offer you moments of relaxation, strong emotions and helps couples enjoy their love peacefully.

In addition to the activities presented, this island has excellent luxury stays by the ocean and in the middle of nature. Although we have spoken in general, the city of Ponta Delgada is excellent to settle down and later start to discover pleasures with your so precious half.

In the other hand, if you want to have a unique proximity to nature by taking advantage of the pure air and hot thermal waters, you should stay in Furnas, this love valley.

Central Group

Faial Island: Known for being the Blue Island due to the presence of hydrangeas, it will be a beautiful place to enjoy the simple pleasures that nature can offer.

This island has a central volcano, named Caldeira that is currently inactive and its huge crater is a place where you can go at night and delight yourself by the million star sky. Believe us it will be a romantical magic moment you and your other half won’t forget that soon.

In the village of Capelo, there is a unique landscape of some of the youngest rocks alive, the Capelinhos Volcano (above). These rocks are around 50 years old, which can be younger than your parents.

In contrast to this landscape, we have the Varadouro area (below). This area stands out for its green vegetation, and the natural pools that you can enjoy in a calm and relaxing environment.

Faial’s city, Horta, is the arrival and departure of adventurers of the sailors.

It is still a small “city” with a huge harbour. Being the 3rd busiest in the world and by far the most colorful one!

For those who choose this island as a place to spend the honeymoon, you will have the privilege of watching the highest peak in Portugal while enjoying a good gin of the famous [Peter Café Sport]

As for gastronomy, this island stands out for its cheeses, meat, fish and fresh products.

This island has numerous volcanic sand beaches! You will have a very close contact with the ocean, not only through the baths but also by the inumerous activities the have to provide. Let’s see:

  • Whale Watching
  • Sport Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Diving

Land activities:

  • Walking, cycling and horseback riding
  • Bird watching

If you choose this island for your honeymoon, you can hop on the island of Pico, and the island of São Jorge. Making the boat crossings. Although these islands are very close geographically, they are distinct in landscapes.

Pico Island : This island stands out for its majestic mountain, from which you can climb and spend an evening at the highest point of Portugal, ideal for an adventure-filled honeymoon!

The predominant landscape is undoubtedly the vineyards, the basalt and the mountain that is present everywhere, even in the name of the island. The popular products of this island are:

  • Wine
  • Brandy
  • Cheese

As for the activities, they are of the same scope as those of the island of Faial. They’re mainly directed to the knowledge of the surrounding oceano as well as to appreciate the volcanic landscapes.

The island of São Jorge: This island is well known for its fajãs, being a perfect place to make a visit during the honeymoon to get to know the islands of the triangle.

Finally we have another island from the central group that could be the main stage for the couple to celebrate their passion.

Terceira Island is a perfect place for your honeymoon. Angra do Heroísmo is a world heritage city and contains a large number of museums, churches, empires, and castles.

Outside the city, you will find traces of spectacular volcanic activity.

In the underground world the following places should be highlighted:

  • Algar do Carvão
  • Christmas Grotto

On the surface you will find:

  • Sulfur Furnas

The Terceira also presents volcanic activity, as in São Miguel, although it’s not very predominant.

In addition, Terceira has many belvederes that are strategically positioned to appreciate the vastness of the pastures, volcanoes and monuments scattered throughout the island.

The island of Terceira is known for its festivities! Especially for bullfights on the rope. For adventurous and fun-loving couples, they must set up on this island to experience third-person culture in the first person.

On this beautiful island, there are various activities that are practiced at sea and on land, as well as luxury accomodation that will provide your stay with quality and well-being.

Eastern Group

In the eastern group you will find two smaller but no less extraordinary islands:

Flores Island :

This island has many waterfalls and anyone who likes to hear the water falling on the rocky rocks so will love it. There are beautiful natural landscapes that are breathtaking to any married couple of fresh.

Corvo Island :

Corvo Island is much less-prized by the rest of the other islands for being small and “little to see”, but the Caldeirão viewpoint is simply fantastic and the trails on the island are wonderful for couples who want to escape the And fully integrated with Nature.


As you have checked the islands will present you with wonderful activities. But why these activities directed to the sea and land may be different from another region of the world?

Great places to escape the routine

Different beaches

Our archipelago is filled with unique and peacefull beaches. The sands are usually black and with many small shells, due to the rock that predominates along the coast.

In the other hand, our waters are transparent and not dirty at all!

Seabed and species to discover

Our locals present a list of activities to make your honeymoon more energetic and enriching. Activities related to the sea predominate the most. This is because our region is famous by the magic existing in the water.

Our Atlantic Ocean has a great marine biodiversity.

There are species that can be observed here that are rare in other areas of the globe: Sperm whales, whales and dolphins are the cetaceans that can be seen most often in the Azores.

When diving and snorkeling you can see a wide variety of species, from mackerel, porcupine to sea urchins, octopuses and starfish, between many others.

Our seabed is made up of seamounts that to a certain extent are a major factor for the existence of biodiversity in our seas. They are islands that never made it to the surface.

Being our sea rich in species, you can have an exclusive experience in a moment of romance.

Natural Wonders

Apart from the crystal clear waters and beaches, the Azores have other natural spectacles to visit on a azorean honeymoon such as the baths in the hot springs, ready to make your moment warmer and your holidays cozier. The lagoons between the valleys will give your honeymoon a touch of an enchanted world.

The photographs of the volcanic landscapes you shoot will be perfect to print, frame, stick it to the wall and remember later.

When you remember, for sure you will recall the fauna and flora, the dream gardens where you could enjoy the flowers and plants and the sound of birds singing.

The Azores are definitely a destination to enjoy and meet when thinking of the honeymoon.

In a temperate maritime climate, with breathtaking landscapes, we hope that, if you are reading this end, you won’t flip the webpage and never recall it anymore, because this is seriouly one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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