Visit the most famous factories of regional products in the Island of São Miguel (Azores)


Visit the most famous factories of regional products in the Island of São Miguel (Azores)

There are many factories on the island of São Miguel that fundamentally contribute to the island’s economy and also play an essential role with regard to tourism, but always striving for the tradition and customs of the Azores.

In this article we show you some of the factories that you can visit during your stay on the Island. In most of them you´ll be able to assist the whole process of harvesting, production, final product, and finally delight yourself with the typical flavors of the green island!

Gorreana Tea Factory

Gorreana, located in Maia (Ribeira Grande), is the oldest and currently the only tea plantation in Europe. Here the tasty green and black teas have been traditionally grown since 1883, making the visit to the factory’s facilities worthwhile. On this visit to the Gorreana Tea Factory, you will be able to see the plantations and the entire tea-making process, walk through the plantations and even taste the various types of tea produced in this beautiful factory.

Quintal dos Açores - Jams, Jellies and tanneries factory

Located in Candelária, Quintal dos Açores produces various typical Azorean flavors, using traditional recipes, with the utmost respect for nature. Here you will find several types of traditional flavored jams, such as pineapple, araçal, physalis, guava, among many others; also available products from the brand Dona Pimentinha, which produces the characteristic ground pepper, among other tanneries widely used in Azorean cuisine.

Pérola da Ilha aperitif factory

Located in Ponta Delgada, Pérola da Ilha Factory, is produces all kinds of traditional aperitives from the Azores: from corn strips, fried fava beans, fried seeds to lupins, among many others that cannot be missed at an Azorean table. Here almonds, natural and frozen products are also produced, made accordingly with local tradition.

Vieira Ceramics Factory

Founded in 1862, this factory is located in Lagoa and was the first ceramic factory in the Azores. At the Fábrica de Cerâmica Vieira as its known by locals, decorative and utilitarian tableware and tiles are produced, using artisanal processes in their manufacture. When visiting the factory you may also visit the museum and the store and still witness the manufacture and paiting of the ceramic pieces: each piece is unique because it is painted by hand.

Mulher de Capote Liquor Factory

Founded in 1993, Mulher de Capote liquor factory is located in Ribeira Grande and produces the finnest regional liqueurs, spirits and other alcoholic products. The Ezequiel Passion Fruit Liqueur is one of the most famous, having been awarded 6 medals for its quality. When visiting the factory you can take a guided tour of the facilities and also taste the delicious liquors produced here.

Glória Moniz Azorean sweet bread factory

Located in Furnas (one of the most popular places in São Miguel) this is also one of the mandatory stops when visiting the island: here you can taste the famous traditional azorean sweet cakes know by locals as “bolos lêvedos”. At the factory, you can watch the making of these delicious cakes, and also visit the store where you´ll find many varieties of quite tasty products: from cookies, cheeses and caramels, to croutons, etc.

These are some of the unique and traditional factories that you must visit on your trip to the island of São Miguel. It is very easy to find these products at the local supermarket, but taking the guided tour and seeing the entire production process has another flavor!