Azorean Most Romantic Hotels of 2021


The Azores are a sanctuary of beauty where there is no shortage of reasons for an unforgettable trip.

In our region the rural environment predominates giving your trip a richness in culture and mysticism. It is a unique place where an enormous history and nature coexist harmoniously.

To make the trip even more special, you can’t afford to miss a stay that meets your tastes, which is you need to be in sync on your holiday’s nest of love.

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a destination for a trip, do not miss a touch of romance and luxury we selected for you.

Our selection of the most romantic hotels to get disconnected from the world, enjoying a two-way experience in a climate of love and peace, is the best quality Azores has to offer.

These are our top 8 love nests for Azores 2020:

8. Pocinhobay

Pocinhobay is located on the island of Pico, in the parish of Creação Velha. This accommodation is a villa and is located in the protected area of ​​the Pico vineyard, this being a building and imagination of the man who conquer the couple.

The Pocinhobay overlooks the sea and the island of Faial. Decorated in a unique style that combines classic with modern elements. It has a jacuzzi and fireplace, which is ideal for those in love to relax in a calm and comforting environment.

In its exterior has a swimming pool, and a property of a beach very close to the place where it can be used as Azorean waters, or simply walk in the sand of hand given.

The landscape that predominates in the area is undoubtedly like vineyards and basalt.

It is a great place to go without a map and without direction, discovering all the nooks and crannies. The countryside is an incentive for lovers to savor the wines of the Pico while they are accompanied by a starry sky and a breathtaking mountain.

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7.Pestana Bahia Beach Nature & Beach Resort

This property is located on the island of São Miguel in Vila Fraca do Campo. It is a space characterized by luxury and class. It overlooks the sea and you can enjoy the pleasures of the sun on the beach which is 2 minutes from the Resort, Baia de Agua d’Alto Beach.

It is a promising destination, which features an extensive amenities list. This Resort has spacious rooms and suites, with magnificent views of the sea, beach and nature.

The Resort is more geared towards the beach and nature, so couples can unwind in a quiet and warm environment. In good weather you can sunbathe, enjoy the sea breeze or contemplate the magnificent view accompanied by a cocktail.

All spaces guarantee a classic and refined atmosphere, so that the couple always feel good, unique and in tune with the nature that surrounds it.

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6. Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa

This space is located on the island of São Miguel in Fenais da Luz. It is located in a place by the sea, without traffic or noise. The décor predominates the brown tones, in a modern style. Outside we find tennis court, swimming pool and a fantastic landscape.

Your night will be perfect in comfortable, wide, bunny-like beds. Depending on the room you are in, you will be able to see the sea or the green valleys. While you are in the shower with your half face, you can see the immensity of our sea, after this beautiful bath for two, you can go to the Spa where you can relax and gain energy to contemplate the wonders of nature.

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5. Furnas Boutique Hotel and Spa

Here you breathe innovation, modernity and a clear concern for the well-being of customers. This boutique hotel is located on the island of São Miguel, in Furnas. This accommodation focuses on design and quality service. Includes a full Spa offering a romantic getaway in the midst of nature.

Out of this space you will have the most perfect retreat ever! From pedestrian paths and visits to the lagoons, the observation of cetaceans and routes of viewpoints as well as thermal waters.

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4. Quada Village

This village is located on the island of Flores. They are houses with rural features, but are adapted to current needs.

The couple packed by the quiet of the place and the unique atmosphere, has a unique intimacy with a nature. Everything is in tune, even an interior decoration of the houses is in accordance with a village temperature so do not miss the unique scenery of a bygone era, which although outdated, can be used in a village in its entirety.

The predominant landscape is a vegetation such as cliffs and sea. Although the area does not have great landscape diversity, it enjoys nature in its purest state. It is ideal to escape the routine of the modern world and approve to sustain your love.

This village has as special services, free bicycles. Thus, the couple can go for a walk when they feel like it and where they want.

A village has a museum where it presents a history of the village, which may be for the couple. They have a knowledge of the site and a culture where they are. And so as a different meaning to your stay, giving it due value.

A community that offers its visitors, who must receive their animals. Being ideal for the couple that does not go to the side without their pet. (o bichinho)

Besides, they do not need to worry about transportation to the village, they will take care of it themselves.

The village of Cuada has its peculiarities and will give the couple a magnificent stay.

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3. Azor Hotel

This hotel is located in São Miguel, in the city of Ponta Delgada and is a space that is located right by the sea.

This establishment will provide you with a superb and peaceful stay. With the city of Ponta Delgada and its bay as a backdrop, you can enjoy the outdoor pool, which even offers a fantastic sunset.

In addition, you can unwind, relax and renew the good energies of your relationship in the wonderful on-site spa.

The services of this establishment stand out for the fantastic and versatile comfort that guarantee to their clients a stay with a unique flavor.

A romantic and luxurious getaway is to be had at Azor Hotel.

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2. Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

The routine exists to be broken, and with the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, it will surely be broken in a magnificent way.

This hotel has something sensory and magical and these are two words that describe the experience in this space. You will enjoy a beautiful romantic dinner, and still sparkling and chocolate in the room. Let yourself be enchanted by the harmony between decoration, services and the landscape. The hot pools that will be at your disposal are tempting!

Terra Nostra Park is one of the most fascinating botanical gardens imaginable, and will set the stage for a sweet, flowery romance.

Need more reasons to spend a relaxed and romantic weekend next to your face-half in this hotel?

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1. Terceira Mar Hotel

You can take a trip to Terceira Island, where the Terceira Mar Hotel will be the ideal place to spend memorable moments with your most.

Experience dream nights in a magical setting overlooking Fanal Bay and Monte Brasil. This hotel has a very close connection with the sea. You can enjoy the waters on the beach that is right next to the hotel or the services of relaxation. This is how Terceira Mar Hotel is: calm and perfect.

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As you can see there are no escapades for all tastes. The romantic moments depend on the personality of the couple, there are those who like the rural and the simple, and there are those who like luxury and elegance.

Romance moments in the midst of nature in a simple way and in a more rural context, can be excellent options. And as we have presented to you, the Azores stand out in this respect.

Adventurous couples looking for tranquility can opt for isolated sites that do not represent luxury, but the purity of nature as well as the Azorean tradition. In these places you can enjoy nature, silence and peace away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

You will also have the option of choosing a very luxurious and modern stay. Your escapade will translate into relaxation and exuberance. Choose the hotel that matches your wishes and the rest is romance.