10 Most Luxurious Hotels in Azores 2021


In the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, Mother Nature created islands full of natural beauty and ready to be explored.

Sea creatures lurk to the surface, welcoming visitors and the residents will recieve you with open arms in order for you to enjoy the best this region has to offer.

Delight yourself with the beauty of waterfalls and volcanic lagoons. The extensive beaches invite you to the pleasures of the sun and our sea.

The vineyards cover the slopes, and climb the black basalt walls, and our heritage will tell you part of the history of this marvelous people.

In this landscape made of green and coloured by the flowers, you will have your dream stay.

Over the years our region has been innovating with regard to establishments geared towards tourist stays. Nowadays, you will find a range of places that will provide you with comfort and quality in the middle of a natural environment.

We present the following top 10 that you should take into account in your trip.

10. Terceira Mar Hotel

This hotel is located on Terceira Island, in Angra do Heroísmo, on the coast line and has as view Monte Brasil, an Island iconic rock.

The historic center of the city of Angra do Heroísmo is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The establishment is closer to the sea than to the rural nature.

All rooms at the hotel, as well as the swimming pool have ocean view. The hotel, in addition to giving you visual contact with the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, offers you a private access to the ocean in order for you to have a closer contact with our salty water.

This hotel has well-designed structures as well as unique services and activities that will provide you with a quality stay.

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9. Hotel Hintze Ribeiro

Hotel Hintze Ribeiro is a charming hotel located on the island of São Miguel in the historic city center of Ponta Delgada. This establishment consists of several rooms with different characteristics and tastes.

Its decoration is very simple and subtle, conveying tranquility therefore raising a sense of mind peace in whoever go inside.

It presents you with all the conditions to enjoy a comfortable stay, including fitness center, outdoor pool, sauna and other services.

This is a different welfare that does not focus only on the grandiosity and luxuriousness, its brand name and image is focused mainly in simplicity.

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8. Graciosa Resort & Business

The Graciosa Resort & Hotel is positioned in the wine landscape and green fields of the island of Graciosa.

The people of this island, in times past, were mainly engaged in agriculture, planting and taking care of the vineyard, hence the island has a vast rural landscape. In this landscape and next to the hotel are the extensive areas of corrals cultivated with vineyards. The Graciosa Resort & Hotel is located next to the coast, allowing a close relationship with the ocean.

The hotel architecture fits perfectly into the landscape, and its décor is in nude, simple and modern tones.

You will have access to balconies, gardens, pool and fitness center. This establishment has various activities that include horse riding and table tennis.

There is a harmony with the stay and the landscape, it is a place to really enjoy your holidays at Graciosa.

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7. Casa das Palmeiras Charming House

This house is located on the largest island of our region, São Miguel, more precisely in the city of Ponta Delgada.

This building stands out for its architecture that gives the desire to stay there for a good few days.

The accommodation does not have a close relation with the sea or the green nature of the fields that predominate in São Miguel. But there’s no reason to put it aside, in facto, it’s quite the opposite.

This House has a small size, featuring 10 rooms very well equipped with windows that give you the possibility to see the garden or the city. The house has a terrace where you will enjoy the immensity of the sea and on the other side: the city.

The decoration of this accommodation is very exquisite, with a sense of history. It has as activities the library and the bicycle rental, and its services stand out for the quality and friendliness.

The restoration of this building resulted in an extraordinary beauty that should be enjoyed during a dream vacation.

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6. Furnas Boutique Hotel - Thermal & Spa

Furnas Boutique Hotel - Thermal & Spa is located on the island of São Miguel, in the Furnas Valley, the area with the highest concentration of thermal waters in Europe.

Vale do Furnas is located in an area where you don’t have a view of the ocean, but instead you can experiente a enormous boiling lake. The valley’s volcanic activity is expressed through fumaroles, geisers and warm waters.

This boutique hotel stands out for its theme and is influenced by the environment where it is located. The services provided and even the decor are in tune with the exterior.

The hotel offers various options for guests wishing to take a relaxing break. It includes indoor and outdoor thermal pools, a Thermal and Spa Center with massage with flow of oils, Vichy shower, whirlpool, sauna, Turkish bath and a fitness center.

It is an establishment that clearly states for its individuality and quality of service. An ideal place to relax while enjoying the best that the Azores can offer.

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5. San Francisco Country House

Located on the island of São Miguel, in the city of Ponta Delgada, and built in the first half of the century: XVIII, this is one of the most emblematic urban houses of baroque architecture of Ponta Delgada, São Miguel.

It is a House that preserves the centenary heritage of family traditions, translating into its decoration.

The carefully preserved secular furnishings show the propertie’s identity and state its undoubtable class. It’s a space that contains a garden and a view of the city.

The services provided have as brand image the tradition and comfort.

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4. Pousada de Angra do Heroísmo, S. Castelo Sebastião

The Pousada de Angra do Heroísmo Castelo de S. Sebastião is located on Terceira Island, atop a cliff and consists of a modern hotel, located in the major city of the island in a 16th century fortress, commonly known as Castelinho de São Sebastião.

The Pousada is heavily decorated with warm colors and modern furnitures, as its architecture is a mixture between the Castle and modernity.

The suite and some rooms have terraces overlooking the azorean atlantic ocean and Monte Brasil. That sight is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful landscapes of the Island.

Guests can enjoy 2 pools and a service based on comfort and simplicity. It is an ideal place for your stay to be wonderful on the eastern island of the central group.

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3. Pousada de Santa Cruz

Pousada de Santa Cruz is located on the island of Faial, in the city of Horta. The establishment consists of a 16th century fortress. This fort overlooks the Bay of Horta and the highest point of Portugal, the island of Pico.

The hotel’s entrance is astonishing as the bindweed crawling the outside wall displaying a green show in the center of the town. It is as awesome and great as the view towards Pico and the harbor.

The decoration of the Pousada is simple, with a rustic touch. On the outside there is a swimming pool and a garden which guests can use to relax.

In this space you will have at your disposal unique services that will meet your wishes. It is a service characterized by quality and well-being.

Outside the establishment but a few meters away you will find tourist activities, mainly directed to oceano activities as this Island is the onde that praises the oceano the most. That love from the locals towards the ocean will give you a holiday with a special taste.

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2. Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

The Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, located in São Miguel in the Furnas Valley was designed to meet the most demanding needs.

Although not having visual contact with the sea because of the valley, nature will take care of leaving you dazzled. This space is inserted in Terra Nostra Park which is a garden created in the 18th century, surrounded by boilers, springs, and rare exotic plants and trees.

The hotel features: elegant, contemporary and very luxurious décor. There’s a harmony with the interior of this space, and the environment where it is.

The services provided will meet all your most demanding wishes. The warm waters, the thermal baths, the massages and among other services will be your best friends in your stay. It’s a place directed to the tranquility and relaxation.

The waters of this zone stand out for their therapeutic function due to its health benefical composition. This azorean luxury hotel is perfect for your getaway holidays in the Azores.

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1. Azor Hotel

This hotel is located in São Miguel, in its capital city of Ponta Delgada and is a hotel characterized by quality, luxury and well-being. This establishment offers you a daring, modern and vibrant stay. Its décor is simple, traditional with an elegant touch that makes the environment high quality.

The hotel overlooks the sea and the city. And in the late afternoon you will be dazzled by the magnificent sunsets.

The services of this 5 star hotel stand out for the fantastic comfort that they guarantee to their clients. A luxurious stay at the highest level is without a doubt the Azor Hotel’s trademark.

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You have been shown the top 10 of the best luxury hotels to stay in the Azores, all stand out for their quality and diverge in the diversity of services and environment they present. Take your pick and venture into an adventure of excellence in the Azores.